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EB-1 Guide
USA Green Card step by step
From start to finish
Extraordinary Evidence
The Petition Letter
Filing The Forms
Responding to an RFE
Self-file or Attorney
O-1 Guide
O-1 Artist Visa step by step
3 year temporary work papers
Extraordinary Evidence
The Petition Letter
Itinerary & Sponsor
Filing the Forms
Self-file or Attorney

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I can’t emphasize enough how much work is involved in self-petitioning. It is a massive undertaking. Without the help of Rachel and Kevin, I would not be sitting here with my Greencard in hand! I learned that the trick was to figure out my niche and concentrate on that. Each step is a mountain. But… Read More »Mr H. (Ireland)

Mr H. (Ireland)

I was approved on an EB1 within 5 days and just waiting for Embassy interview so fingers crossed.  Whilst I used an attorney, your site was really helpful for another perspective. Thanks again! – New York

Mr G. (UK)

Just heard my EB1 i140 was approved!! Yay!!On to adjustment of status process. :)) – Los Angeles, 2022

Ms K.(Ireland)
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»Brief overview of the EB1 process Extraordinary Ability Artist EB1 Green Card
»Brief overview of the O1 visa Extraordinary Ability Artist O-1B Visa

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