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Welcome to ARTIST Green Card Guide

Our online ARTIST GREEN CARD guides give you a comprehensive step-by-step outline of the EB1-EA Green Card and O-1 3 Year Artist Visa application process.

We provide guides to help you determine the evidence you need to qualify as “extraordinary” in the eyes of the USCIS

We give you actionable step-by-step break downs of the visa criteria to build your petition letter along with ALL the information to DIY/self-file your application or focus and speed your application if working with an immigration attorney

Empowering artists from all over the world since 2015

»Learn more about the Extraordinary Ability Artist EB1 Green Card
»Learn more about the Extraordinary Ability Artist O-1B Visa

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I got my Green Card!! It arrived about a month ago – I still am so thankful that I was able to put this together without a lawyer, there was no way I could have afforded to do it otherwise… So yay!!! Thank YOU!!! 🙂 – Los Angeles

Ms A. (Portugal)

Wanted to let u know I literally just got an email now saying card/permit was produced and sent in mail. Wahoo! Tnx for all the massive help!  – Los Angeles

Ms D. (Ireland)

Thank you! This site you have is great!!! Lots to read through but very informative. I’m done with the O1’s and forking out thousands to lawyers to only do the work myself. I am about to head into it full throttle this time. – Los Angeles

Mr B. (UK)