Our online ARTIST GREEN CARD guides give you a comprehensive step-by-step outline of the EB1-EA Green Card and O-1 3 Year Artist Visa application process.

We built these guides to help you determine what evidence you need to convince the USCIS you are extraordinary and to give you an actionable step-by-step break down of the criteria in order for you to build your petition letter. All the info to DIY/self-file your application or focus and speed your application when working with an immigration attorney is included.

  • Application Strategy
  • Each criteria broken down for evidence
  • Sample paragraphs for each criteria
  • Two Full Petitioners Letter Samples
  • Analyses of the Filing Forms
  • Break down of Request for Evidence
  • Actual USCIS denial cases
  • 24/7 SSL Secure Access
  • And much more…

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